Charity fraudsters jailed

The three Ringleaders of a fraudulent charity scheme have been sentenced.  Kitumbula Mazambi and Mapendo Kasiba, along with Kitumbula’s brother, Kyalemaninwa were found guilty of stealing more than half a million pounds from several charities including Comic Relief and BBC Children in Need.

The trio pretended to be advocates for organisations lending aid to people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In essence, there was very little charity work done, while Mazambi and Kasiba, a couple from Tottenham and Kyalemaninwa, from Coventry, used the money to maintain personal lifestyles.

The fraud is said to have taken place between 2001 and 2005 when the group applied for grants on behalf of fraudulent organisations from the charities and the Big Lottery Fund.  The applications to the Big Lottery Fund initially caught the attention of authorities.

The Big Lottery Fund investigation supplied quantities of evidence proving that very little of the money raised here had ever been sent abroad.  It also exposed a devious plan for selling details of their charity fraud operations to other schemers to replicate for criminal profit.

Such boldness infuriated authorities, who were anxious to put an end to the cheaters ill-gained profits.  They commented on how such blatant robbery puts doubt in the minds of ordinary people who want to help others through charitable donations and tears at the fabric of trust that is necessary for good works to get done.

Kitumbula and Kyalemaninwa will have four years and three and a half years respectively at Iselworth Crown Court to consider their works, while Kasiba serves a suspended term of two years.