Chequebook scam at local Tesco

A stooge was caught red-handed using a defunct chequebook for an organised crime ring to buy a couple of laptops and a TV.

Tesco in Barrow staff were alerted when Ladimir Dunca, a Romanian, was putting forward his cheque for his purchase of more than £1,000 worth of items. Since the store had had another similar occurrence the day before the staff’s awareness were particularly heightened.

Prosecutor, Mr. David Mellor, said, “When Mr. Dunca, 29, entered the store and attempted to buy the goods, the staff were immediately curious whether this might be the same man from the day before, so they contacted the police. After placing a call in his native language, Mr. Dunca tried to leave, but was escorted back into the store.”

The police arrested him on 17th December and detained him at the Barrow police station. Dunca’s defence, Mr. Mike Graham, revealed that Dunca was a member of an organised crime gang, not acting alone.

Mr. Graham explained, “This was a flop of an attempt to pass off the cheque for the goods. He was the fall guy for someone else, but in doing so he has lost face. His compensation was very small and he was obviously not the one behind it.”

Dunca is married and has three children. The only support he has for his family is £230 per week. He pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing a tool for fraud. The court ordered him to be tagged electronically and to work 120 hours without pay. He also had to pay restitution of £75 for various costs. The chequebook was also order to be destroyed.