Choose which promotional gifts to hand out

Handing out promotional gifts is a tried and trusted marketing strategy. At expos, conferences and business meetings around the world companies share their brand in a number of ingenious ways.

You might be considering giving away promotional items as marketing strategy for your company. There are a number of ways to do this whether it’s purposefully handing out gifts, or leaving free pens in a basket at the reception desk.

Promotional items should speak for your brand, but the type of items you give away and even the way in which you distribute the items won’t get even a whisper unless your marketing tactics get people talking.

Effective advertising is about spreading the word; find out what people are talking about and be the conversation starter. Your items can lead the way; promote your brand with recycled products at a conference on environmental issues and you’ll be sure to grab people’s attention. Which items you should hand out depends on your audience. Use this article as a guide to get your voice heard in a crowd.

Stress balls
Nobody likes to feel stressed but you’ll need to make other people’s elevated blood pressure your friend. While stress balls are useful keepsakes, chances are a boring ball will end up on an office desk if you’re handing them out at a Star Wars convention. Add flare to your gifts by giving people something they want to hold on to. With Star Wars the Force Awakens about to hit cinema screens, new characters and droids offer up the perfect opportunity to create a new product that will have everybody in a nearby galaxy abuzz about your business.
Most promotional shirts make for great pyjamas. Set yourself ahead of the crowd and hire a designer to create a shirt people want to wear while out and about. If things go your way, someone will be asking where they got their shirt – a great icebreaker, and your brand will be included in the meet.
Mouse pad
A mouse pad sits right under the hand that places online orders. When attending events, it’s important you match your brand to the theme of the conference or expo. Techies could still use a pen, but a mouse pad or similar tech-related accessory will be far more popular.

When it comes to promotional gifts, gauge your target audience. Join in on their conversation and turn their attention to your brand.