Christmas is about presents, food, and fraud

Christmas is, of course, a time for joy and celebration; unfortunately it is also a time for fraud.  We often hear reports about shoppers being swindled or cheated at Christmas and it makes us feel bad to know that there are those among us who would do this sort of thing at this season of the year.

There is, however, another side of the coin, which we hear little about. This is about traders being defrauded at Christmas, as well as shoppers.  Sadly, at a time when some shoppers are being ripped off and cheated, with the Christmas season used as a ploy, so are some wholesale buyers as well.

Many people who sell retail get cheated at Christmas, just like shoppers.  This is a time when many operations decide to stock up.  Many of them are often looking for special products or catchy gimmicks they hope the buying public will find enticing during the Christmas season.  This means that they will be buying stock they don’t ordinarily carry from suppliers with whom they might not often deal.

At these times, the wholesale buyer must beware as much as the retail buyer.  Be certain to perform your due diligence and check out any and all suppliers before buying.  There is also a well-established B2B network that can help you check out a supplier or aid you if you have problems.

This B2B network is called The Wholesale Forums.  They have been in operation since 2004, helping wholesale buyers with their businesses.  They have a fully organized team that aids in procuring stock and avoiding unnecessary risk.

This year, they are expanding their services to include eBay and online sellers as well.