Christmas online fraud is a real issue

It is estimated that this Christmas over £8 billion will be spent by people in the UK online. Antifraud companies in the UK have warned people to be extra careful in their online spending over the next few weeks as fraud is expected to reach an all-time high.

The figures for Christmas spending online this year are estimated to be a 15% increase on the same figures for last year and this has meant that crooks are taking advantage of people shopping online. The National Fraud Authority has recently released figures that have shown over 40% of people who’ve been shopping online have been defrauded to some extent. The young men the figure is estimated to be three in every four people. Mostly this is down to people forgetting to install anti-virus software when using a PC.

A spokesperson from the authority has said, “It is expected that counterfeit products are going to be one of the biggest problems on the Internet this year. People who order online expecting a genuine item will get something worth far less the items actual value, that is if they receive anything at all. People should be very alert to fraud and remember that if the price seems to be incredibly low you are probably being targeted by a fraudster.” There are also various other steps you can take to protect yourself shopping online such as using a credit card and making sure a website has been verified by Visa.