Christmas shoplifting season is here

It is expected that this Christmas is going to be one of the hardest Christmases ever for retailers. Apart from the lack of sales due to the economic downturn, stores are also going to be facing an increased risk from shoplifters.

The Centre for Retail Research has recently released a figure that says around £1 billion worth of merchandise will be stolen in the run-up to Christmas. It is expected that the figure this year will be significantly higher than years past due to so many more people feeling the squeeze financially.

Joshua Bamfield is from the Centre for Retail Research and was the author behind the study, he has said, “Retailers expect that shoplifting will increase around the festive season and it is important that they realise the impact that shoplifting can have on their bottom line.Since 2010 the amount of crime being committed at Christmas time has increased and this suggests that our financial troubles have impacted on the amount of people who are shoplifting.

“The combination of a weak economy and increased shoplifting is going to mean an even grimmer season for retailers then they thought.” Many industry analysts are expecting that the financial situation is going to get quite a bit worse before there are any viable signs of a recovery.

Around two thirds of all products stolen are by shoplifters with the remaining third  being taken by staff working at a shop. A small percentage of the stuff that goes missing will be because of supply chain fraud and other factors.

Neil Matthews works at Checkpoint Systems and he has commented, “We are urging all retailers to be extra vigilant this festive season against shoplifting and theft by their own staff. Stores must introduce appropriate security measures in order to prevent theft and fraud.”