Christmas will see another online selling boom

The amount people are spending online is increasing significantly according to a new study. In October nearly £6 billion was spent online which is near 15% increase on October from 2010. In September the same figure was shown to have risen by over 7%.

One of the biggest growths was seen in fashion sales. It is expected that the unusually warm weather that was seen in October spurred on people to buy summery clothes at the end of the season. Sales of accessories to go with clothing also saw significant growth in September and October.

The E Retail Sales Index is compiled by IMRG Capgemini and the chief information officer of this group is Tina Spooner who commented, “These figures were certainly above the growth figures which we expected to see in the market. They also suggest that the amount people are spending on low value items is increasing. In these hard economic times it seems that people are buying new accessories for their outfits rather than replacing their wardrobe.”

It was not good news for all sectors and online sales for travel did not grow to nearly the same extent as other areas. However, the people who were spending in the travel sector were spending more on average than in previous years. The average amount spent by a single consumer in October was over £900.

IMRG have recently announced their expectations of sales over the Christmas period, they stated that they expect around £8 billion to be spent over the Christmas period and over half of this will be spent in the first two weeks of December. This figure is for online sales only and is a small increase on last year. Many companies with a strong internet presence are looking forward to good Christmas sales and hope they will make up for a lack of performance on the high street.