Clear gas and electricity prices from British Gas

One of the major problems that British consumers face with their energy bills is that they simply can not figure out exactly which tariff they are on, or what the actual rate is that they should be paying. It could easily be argued that this has been a deliberate policy of the energy companies in order to confuse the situation and muddy the waters for consumers in order to make it difficult for them to know just exactly what they are paying.

Major energy company British Gas has announced that they intend to make it much easier for their users to compare the different available tariffs and therefore presumably save some much needed cash.

This new tariff system is claimed to be a much simpler and clearer set of procedures which are intended to make it much more viable for consumers to make easier comparisons. The idea is also to make the basic energy bill far more useful and understandable for customers.

Although it has to be said that British Gas is also bringing in a new set of rates which will compose off one basic standing charge and a single rate for the energy used. This will replace their existing tariff which works on a two tier system and has not exactly been easy for users to understand, making it difficult for them to figure out just exactly how the readings from the meter relate to the final figure they see on their bills.

New British Gas customers will automatically be slotted in to the new tariff structure and will have a set standing charge which currently is set at £0.52 per day. There will then be British Gas flat rate for each unit of electricity or gas they use.

Existing consumers will have the choice of either sticking to the existing tariffs or they cannot to make the switch to the new tariff system. British Gas says that it accepts that there are existing tariffs which are made up of a somewhat convoluted and undeniably complex structure of discounts has made it unreasonably difficult for their customers to figure out just exactly what they’re gas and electricity prices are.

There will still be a discount in place but this will simply be a reduction of a straightforward 6% for any customer who takes up the option of making their payments with direct debits.

British Gas has also introduced a new and totally redesigned bill, which they claim will make it considerably simpler for customers to understand just what they are being charged. This will include what they have called a “tariff checker”. This will be prominently featured on the front of the bill and is intended to highlight any other tariffs that British Gas is offering that may be more cost-effective for that particular customer.

In a statement British Gas has said that “at the present moment with the average consumer under extreme pressure financially so our intention is to produce a simple document that clearly shows just exactly how much they are paying for their energy.