Common dishwasher myths dispelled

As far as labour saving devices in the kitchen go, a dishwasher has to be up near the top of the list. Yes you have to load it, unload it and put it away, but this is a lot more time effective than having to stand at the sink washing every item carefully, changing the water frequently, drying them and still having to leave pots and pans soaking as the water from a tap simply isn’t hot enough to shift food that is baked on.

Everyone has a horror story about dishwashers, but the fact is that these are rumours and fallacies that have been picked up on over the years and spread like wildfire. There will always be rumours abound regarding appliances, technology etc., yet for some reason there seems to be more about dishwasher than any other. Whether this is because people simply don’t trust a machine to do the dishes is open to debate, but here are the most popular myths well and truly exploded.

The most popular is that fungi and bacteria builds up inside dishwashers that be detrimental to health. This could possibly have come from people seeing limescale inside their dishwashers and mistaking it for something altogether more untoward. With the combination of extreme temperatures and detergent there is no known bacteria or fungi that could survive, and today’s detergents also keep the interior limescale free.

A common misconception is that your family is too small to warrant a dishwasher. With slimline and bench top models there is a dishwasher to suit any size of household. These people are missing the point, this is a machine of convenience, you put the dishes in, switch it on, then put the clean dishes away. We all have more crockery, cutlery etc so doing this every couple of days instead of being at the sink daily has to be a bonus.

Another constant rumour is that glassware never comes out of a dishwasher properly cleaned and is often cloudy. This is easily explained. All glass starts to cloud over time due to erosion, this is commonly seen in glasses in pubs where they are constantly used and washed. Hard water can leave a lime deposit which presents as cloudiness, adding a softener to the machine eliminates this instantly.

Ultimately, there is a dishwasher for every household, just take a look at dishwasher reviews to find the right one for your family, and hopefully this has helped to dispel some of those stupid myths that surround this most helpful of kitchen appliances and made you realise how beneficial one would be in your home.