Common Mistakes to Avoid During Pallet Shipment

Nowadays increasing numbers of people and companies use pallets to ship their goods, but many worry over whether they will reach their destination on time and in the right condition.

Many mistakes can be avoided by preparing your freight correctly and complying with established requirements. Read on to arm yourself with the right knowledge to make the process move smoothly.

Prohibited Items

Different countries have different regulations regarding importation of products and substances. If you are planning to organise a delivery, take the time to review all the rules. To avoid having your shipment rejected at the border you must read through the list of prohibited items for each destination.

Always use extra care when shipping food, alcohol or ammunition. These items may require additional documentation or they may simply be forbidden for pallet transport.

Any explosive materials or products that contain gases might be hazardous as well. Simply check the restrictions and make sure you understand them properly.

Wrong Pallet Size

Another very usual mistake concerns the size of the pallet.

Check, measure and weigh all the goods you want to send. They must be properly fitted and fastened to the pallet with nothing protruding over the edges. Any overhanging material put the freight at risk, as it will not be fully supported.

If you are sending big items you have two choices:

Transfer part of the freight to another pallet. This is safer and helps ensure nothing will be damaged during the transport
Use different-sized pallets. This can be a great solution to shipping items securely.

Of course it is always best to be able to save money and pay only for the space you are using; however it is essential to understand that a load that is not properly secured can cause further expense down the line. The best thing to do is plan ahead and be prepared with different options.

Condition of the Pallet

Again, saving money by reusing pallets is a good idea but only if the pallet is safe for shipment.

Pallets that are not in good condition should not be used. It may be tempting to fix them for just one more delivery but do you really want to take that risk?

If the pallet is broken or mouldy, it will not be strong enough to support the freight; chances are, it will collapse during shipment and could damage the items. This will result in long shipping delays and extra costs for replacing or repairing the goods.

In order to avoid mistakes and additional charges, replace the old pallet with a brand-new one and secure the freight correctly.

To Insure or Not to Insure

We don’t like to envision obstacles or problems but if you are organising shipment, you simply cannot afford to skip this step.

Accidents and errors are inevitable, especially when human error may be involved. Having the right level of insurance will give you a peace of mind, providing coverage for any possible misfortunes.

Most courier companies will offer you a standard insurance package. It is then your decision to accept it or increase it to the next level. It all depends on the type of goods you are sending.

For valuable, important shipments it is always better to spend more on insurance to be on the safe side. Check your options and discuss any requirements with your courier.

In general make sure you have all the important information before shipping your freight. There are no silly questions when you place your trust in a pallet shipping company to deliver your products. Always take the time for full preparation and do not make any hasty decisions.