Confusing animal welfare labels should be scrapped

According to new research, a massive 83% of shoppers are confused by the amount of animal welfare labels and logos on packs of fresh meat. A even bigger 93% want to see the total abolition of these labels, and for retailers to each implement their own standard, which will assure the consumers that they are adhering to a high levels of animal standards.

This opinion appears to be prevalent across all the age groups. Those in the over 55 category are the ones that are most in favour of retailers having their own standards, while 88% in that category  find the number of labels confusing, compared to 81% of those in the 18-24 bracket. 98% of over 55’s support each retailer having their own single standard, as do 89% of 18-24’s.

The experts in food and d rink sustainability, AB Sustain, have conducted this latest research as they wanted to assess the understanding shoppers have of the labelling concerning animal welfare. It also discovered that almost 65% of those polled  would be happy to pay premium prices for meats and fish that were proven to have been humanely and ethically treated whilst they were alive.

Johanna Buitelaar Warden, head of animal welfare at AB Sustain, said: “From RSPCA Freedom Food to Red Tractor, plus the retailers’ own labels, there is a vast array of different logos on the meat and fish on sale in UK supermarkets – all of which can become very confusing for shoppers, who by and large just want to do the right thing.

“We believe that instead of the vast number of schemes and logos on meat and fish in the UK, each often assuring different things, the retailers need to implement their own respective standards. People should be well informed about what these schemes stand for and should feel confident that each retailer is sticking to a high level of animal welfare consistent with their reputation. It seems that the vast majority of people agree with our theory