Consumers need to be careful with identity theft protection companies

A new court ruling just made it a bit harder to fight against scams related to identity theft because the process of identity theft protection is now a bit more difficult than it already was with dozens of businesses making claims that they can protect you against fraud without the proper credentials.

Identity fraud expert, Joe Santini explained that fraud alerts were never perfect although many companies would like you to believe this was so.  Instead, he stated that a fraud alert that is placed on a credit file means that a credit company must make sure they take the proper steps to carefully open a new line of credit for you to ensure you identity.

This practice does not actually protect your bank account or any of the credit cards that you have, it only protects new line of credit from being opened.

Thus, if you already have purchased identity theft protection or are thinking about buying one, you may want to take a minute to step back and investigate what you are actually paying for and if there are alternatives to the bills that come along with such services.

However, the bills should not keep you away from an identity theft, given that the epidemic is growing across the nation with identity thieves rejoicing over the new law that will aid them.

It should however make you look a little closer at any serve that you choice and keep in mind that now the government can only do too much protect you in the case of such a situation.