Consumers need to follow online shopping guidelines

Despite repeated warnings from online experts, consumers are still using sloppy habits to do their online shopping.  Around 20 per cent more shoppers seem determined to shop online this Christmas season, which means that more consumers than ever will be risking their data, accounts, and ID by going through the process without due care.

Consumers seem to be unaware that using search engines to shop could pose a security risk.  According to recent studies, most online shoppers feel secure with the top results from search engines.  In actuality, top search engine results are a major point for malicious links and shouldn’t be used for transaction purposes.

The best thing you can do, if you want to browse online, is to hunt via your search engine.  When you find a site you think you would like to shop, return to that site directly to conduct business, rather than going through a search engine.

Another thing consumer’s do that can put their online security in danger is to shop through mobile applications using public Wi-Fi.  These are the two most often hacked forms of online communication and shopping through them puts far too much of your personal data and information at risk.

Again, the wisest course of action one can recommend is to browse using your mobile applications or public Wi-Fi and return to a secured line to buy directly off the website.

There are lots of good suggestions out there for best practices when shopping online.  The single best suggestion is the one that we have covered here.  That is, always make purchases directly from the seller’s website, never by from a site when being guided there by a search engine.