Outdoor activities ‘cool’ for a new generation

An Advertising Feature

There was a time when camping, hiking and cycling were seen as activities for middle-aged, woolly haired couples heating tinned beans on tiny gas stoves.  In recent years this has changed dramatically.

According to research carried out by Tourism Insights, the Camping and Caravanning Club (CCC), whose members participate in all forms of camping, has 110 Club sites across the UK and recorded a 50% increase in occupancy rates over the previous year and expects this growth to continue.

Undoubtedly, the current economic situation is partially responsible for the increase in an enjoyable and affordable way to holiday. Around 55% of those questioned between the age of 21 to 50 years old said they were camping due to concerns about the security of their employment and the need to cut back on spending.

However, a significant number of those under 30 said they had their first experience of camping when attending music festivals and had acquired a taste for the outdoor life.

While starting out in the fields of the UK’s giant music festivals such as Glastonbury many of these music fans have grown to love the freedom and affordability that camping allows.

With many people between 21 – 30 years of age heading to official campsites all over the UK, exploring the beautiful countryside, wild forests and coasts of Britain off-site has become a favourite pass time of ‘generation camp’.

North Wales and Scotland have become particularly popular with those looking for breaks in the ‘UK wilderness’ while Cornwall is particular popular with those who like a holiday that includes a beach.

Whatever their tastes these hip young campers all need to be aware of the ever changing mood of the British weather. Indeed, the new generation of camper is well aware of the importance of carrying waterproof trousers and men’s waterproof jackets in their rucksacks.

With cutting each fabric technologies, waterproof clothing isn’t the heavy and cumbersome misshapen sheet ‘plastic’ of yester-year. These days waterproof clothing is flexible, light and breathable.

Cut to allow the body to move easily and with vents that mean the body can breath, so avoiding that hot to freezing effect that older materials used to cause, the new fabrics used for all weather clothing look good and feel good.

For a new generation of campers getting around in the country or the town and keeping dry can now look cool too.

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