Council scammer pocketed £690,000

A council worker that was living off of money from a waste scam has been placed in jail in Carrington Manchester. Stanley Davidson was employed as a road worker at age 52 operating a weight check for wagons a council depot in Trafford.  The scam was estimated to have cost the Carrington council over £690,000 some of which Davidson even used to pay for a QE2 cruise.

In court prosecutors painted a picture of how Davidson lived well beyond his means paying £18,000 down in cash on a new car valued at £23,000 and writing cheques that totalled up to £12,700 straight from the scam into his banking account while his wife deposited an additional £40,000 into her banking account.

Davidson and his wife were sentenced for the same along with seven additional people who were said to have been connected with the connection.

Minshull Street Crown Court Judge Jeffrey Lewis said during sentencing that the council suffered substantial losses and added that the loss was perpetuated by a carefully laid out plan that continued to prey on public funds over a significant period of time.

Lewis added that Davidson held the key role in the scam but there were plenty of others that were also devious and sophisticated in their planning that are still waiting to be sentenced and brought to justice.  At the moment there are five other people arrested in conjunction with the investigation that have not been formerly charged for their involvement with the scam.