Council warn residents of phone scam in Horsham

People in Horsham are being urged by the council to be more careful when they are sharing their personal details over the phone – particularly bank account details. The Council of recently had a bit of trouble because people have been impersonating them and phoning homes in the area asking for information about their banking.

The calls generally suggest that the residents might be entitled to a tax refund from the council, even though this is not the case. The caller then asks for the bank account details of the person in order to make the payments, when in fact they are going to be using these details for fraudulent purposes.

The Council have officially stated that they would never ask one of their residents for the details of their bank account over the telephone. They’ve stated that any caller who does ask them for their bank account details is calling fraudulently and means that the residents could be a potential victim of theft or fraud.

The council specifically stated that you should never give out any sort of personal information over the phone, even if it is something as simple as confirming your address, name or phone number. This information can later be used to convince you that the caller is genuinely from the council and then you will be more likely to hand over more sensitive information.

You should also make sure that whenever you get e-mails that purport to be from a bank that you check very carefully that this is the case. By exercising greater caution residents are going to be able to ensure that they are not taken advantage of by fraudsters. The council has stated that if anyone has any concerns they should contact the Action Fraud website that is operated by the police. They will be up to provide information about fraud.