Couple prove it is cheaper to shop independently than at the supermarket

In a brave bid to promote their local, independent businesses, a couple from Beverley in East Yorkshire decided to stop shopping at chain stores and supermarkets for a month. Amalia Booker and Antony Barton, who run their own business in the town, have been reporting daily on what they have done during that days shopping activities, and the result is a blog they have names Little and Local.

Surprisingly, with rising competition between supermarkets and their competitive reductions, small and independently owned businesses provided the couple with spare change at the end of the month compared to their regular expenditure.

Amalia says: “During April, we spent a total £228.59 on what we’d call our ‘weekly shop’.  That’s an average of £57.15 a week.  We’d rarely spend less than £60 a week in the supermarket so our conclusion is that shopping little and local works out cheaper for us.  I think this is mainly because we don’t waste stuff because we only buy what we know we’re going to use and there isn’t as much temptation to pick up appealing packages.”

The couple encountered various problems throughout the month including the search for independent suppliers of tin foil and breakfast cereal but the overall project has had a life-changing effect on the couple who have proved that if others resorted to shopping locally it would have a jaw-dropping effect on the local economy.

“We worked out that if every adult in the area spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops instead of online or at the supermarket, it would be worth an extra £6.2 million per year going into our local economy.”

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