Creating Jubilee cupcakes

The whole country has gone jubilee crazy, and with good reason. For only the second time in history a British monarch is celebrating 60 years on the throne, and if this isn’t just cause for nationwide celebrations then nothing is. Those who have a penchant for heading into the kitchen and creating all manner of sweet treats such as cakes and sweets are in their element, experimenting with new creations to mark the big day.

In the past couple of years, the buzz word in the baking world has been cup cakes. These delicious treats with the swirl of frosting on the top have been around for many years, and were thought to have originated from the days when recipes gave cups as a weigh of measuring ingredients. Any cake mixture left over was cooked in the cups so it didn’t go to waste, hence the name.

With the jubilee fast approaching, various appropriately decorated cup cakes are appearing in bakeries across the land, and while these are no doubt delicious, and look lovely, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of making them yourself. Jubilee cupcakes are a lot of fun to make and will impress everyone if you are having a get together to mark the occasion and you can play around with the red, white and blue decoration.

To start with, get together your basic Victoria sponge cake ingredients; golden caster sugar, self raising flour,  unsalted butter that is at room temperature, eggs and vanilla extract. The size you make them is very much personal choice, and you can either make them in paper cases or cup cake/muffin tins.

If you are making a lot it can be tempting to make a large batch of smaller cakes, but the smaller the surface the more fiddly the decoration will be so bear this in mind if you have large hands or two left thumbs and your intended works of artistic brilliance could end up looking as if your children have made them.

While home made cakes are meant to have that rough around the edges, rustic look, you may want to plan your decoration in advance if you are looking to impress. There are numerous themes to follow that will tie in with the jubilee; crowns made from icing and placed on the top are one suggestion, Union Jack cakes, a red ‘jewel’ on the top surrounded by sparkling sprinkles, the list is endless and is only limited by your own imagination.