Credit card fraud risk from old phones

There is new research that shows that mobile phone users are at risk of someone performing credit card fraud against them when they sell their used phones and have not deleted all their personal information. When not destroying their SIM card in their mobile phone it is like selling to a perfect stranger all your personal information. Over 50% of secondhand cell phones have information that can lead to identity fraud.

The study found 247 pieces of personal information, by examining phone and cards purchased in used electronic shops and on eBay on many different types of phones. Included in the information was debit and credit card PIN numbers, passwords, phone numbers, bank account details and log in details to online sites.

This report indicates how these phones can cause people to be careless with their data and is a big wake up call to all. With consumers changing and upgrading now more than ever they need to take responsibility in managing their private data. Personal information from the previous owner was found by more than half of secondhand mobile phone purchasers.

Over 80% said they deleted all their information prior to selling their phones and with 60% saying they are very confident they did so but the experiment reveals something totally different with over 50% of phones and SIM cards containing personal information.

The latest smartphones are the ones that have much more capabilities of holding information and easier to recover than in previous traditional mobiles due to there now being more applications. There are professionals that can delete the information and it is recommended that people hire one to do so or to destroy the SIM card since personally deleting information sometimes is not effective enough.