Credit card fraudsters go to jail

Four men have been jailed for a total of 15 years for their various roles in a credit card fraud operation. The longest sentence was given to Theogenes de Montford, at four and a half years, while his cohorts Usman Mahmood, Rajakumar Thevathasan, and Rashid Abdi Hassan will be placed in jail for three and a half years.

All four men were found guilty of tampering with ATM devices at petrol stations across the South of England last year.  They would play with the chip and pin devices in order to steal electronic data from bank cards used by customers, and then use the information in order to create fraudulent bank cards that could be used overseas.

The men were arrested following an investigation spearheaded by the DCPCU (Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit).  The men pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud following a two week trial.

Since its inception in April of 2002, the DCPCU has been able to prevent approximately £340m in cheque and card fraud losses, which breaks down to about £3.5m per month.

Detective Chief Inspector John Osibote, stated that they have worked with retail sector and banking sector closely throughout the course of this investigation in order to send a clear message that anyone who attempts to defraud the public will be caught and prosecuted for their actions accordingly.