Cushelle, clouds and a koala

When is a whoosh more than a whoosh? When it’s the whoosh that puts the cushioned softness into Cushelle toilet tissue. Those who are a fan of these best selling toilet rolls will know immediately what the whoosh factor is, thanks to the ad featuring their cuddly little koala character, the face of the Cushelle campaign who has captured the imagination of the nation and thus ensures that each new instalment is greeted like an old friend.

CGI characters are increasingly spearheading advertising campaigns, and the little koala is one of the best. Combine his cuteness with the instantly recognisable voice over by Robert Webb, these ads have become family favourites. The latest ad sees little koala on a quest; he has a burning question that needs answering, and that is how they get the extra cushioned softness that is the trademark of Cushelle.

Little koala starts his journey by hitching a ride on a cloud from a countryside bench he goes on an exhilarating ride through a factory of clouds, dropping through cloud hoops, bouncing down a flight of cloud stairs, and ultimately landing in a circular cloud that could be a roll of Cushelle. There lies his answer; it’s that all important extra whoosh of hot air that is trapped within the roll to create the unique cushioned softness.

As he floats momentarily in the hot air a smile spreads across his face and he drops from the clouds to land back on his little bench. Robert Webb tells us that the whoosh makes all the difference to koala, and to us also who now appreciate how the cushiony softness in our bathroom is achieved.