Cyber crime statistics continue to rise at alarming rate

A new report released by the British intelligence services estimates that as many as one thousand attacks occur against Brits online every hour. Cyber crime statistics are growing every year according to the agency, and until citizens learn to protect themselves there will likely not be a decrease in attacks.

Ritu Taura for example is a mother of two and a Hertfordshire housewife that did not expect anything to ever happen to her. She is not sure when her computer became infected, but she did know that it soon slowed down and the computer started emailing all of her contacts without her permission. Even more alarming was the fact that money started leaving her bank account.

Most likely Taura’s computer was infected by email, but more alarming may be the fact that the money started disappearing in small amounts such as £10 or £20 at a time obviously small with the hopes that people would not notice. Before long her account was being hit for hundreds and the thieves started accessing it from cash points.

Taura thought she had beaten the virus after cancelling all of her cards, resetting her passwords, and starting over. However, after a few quiet days her computer started spamming her friends again and money once again started to disappear. It turned out to be more than a stolen password, as a laptop in her house had actually been remotely hacked and was being used to access her personal information.

Security operations manager at Norton software Orla Cox, stated that it is normal for theft to increase because once a cyber criminal has a way into a house via a PC they will make any type of money off a person they can. This ranges from stealing from a bank account to selling a person’s personal account information to other thieves.