Dealing with dubious car repairmen

Whether you have problems with brakes, transmission, air conditioning or a leaking hose, there are a number of parts in the car that can break or simply do not work any longer. Problems that involve auto mechanics are close to the top of all consumer complaint lists. Having a mechanic that is trustworthy and knowledgeable is very important.

That way you can avoid mechanic businesses that are not up to par and do second rate work and charge exorbitant fees. But finding out whether the mechanic is good or not is difficult.

A classic type scam of overcharging is where the shop offers a price to do the repair work that may be very inexpensive. They may have special deals on brakes and then once you arrive they start to add more and more of what you need to have repaired.

It is almost like a bait and switch deal where they get you to come in with the great offer and then start adding all the additional items on top of that. If a simple repair becomes a high priced estimate, then a red flag should be waving before your eyes.

Another scam is charging for repair parts the mechanics never installed. There are shops that do inferior work that cause the car to be returned on numerous occasions. An estimate in writing is one of the most important things to get to protect you from being overcharged and scammed.

Also the rates for labour and the work’s warranty should be visibly posted for everyone to see or in writing. Do not trust the mechanic that tells you the car cannot be driven any further and the repairs need to be done right away. Those are just scare tactics to intimidate you. Another good way to prevent a scam is by getting a second opinion from another mechanic and compare the two.

If you do not know about a reputable mechanics service near you, you can check online with your local authority or call a local car dealership and ask them if they could suggest a legitimate mechanic. Your local authority should have a listing of reputable businesses in your area.