£58 million pounds collected by dodgy parking tickets

Estimates place losses over £58 million for drivers who did not contest parking tickets that has been issued under suspicious circumstances, according to the car insurance company Lv=.

Out of all UK motorists last year 5% had received tickets for parking infractions that were contestable, last year. One out of five of them follow through with contesting a ticket and nine out of ten of them win their cases.

Of those given tickets for incorrect reasons, over half believe they could not win their case even they did contest the ticket. The means for appealing a ticket remain baffling to most drivers. In fact, one out of every twelve have no clue how to begin their appeal.
Causes for unjust parking tickets are often due to ambiguous markings or even a lack of indications regarding parking. In addition, drivers are issued unfair tickets while they are purchasing parking tickets or when their car is not functioning. However, a mere 2% claim the attendants invent evidence that buttresses their ticketing the driver.

Most (49%) of tickets issued unfairly are given out on public roads but surprisingly one in ten (10%) are received in car parks of public buildings managed by local authorities, such as libraries, hospitals and GP surgeries. A similar number (9%) are given out in commercially operated car parks.

The cost of a parking fine varies widely across the UK but the research found that the average cost paid by motorists given a ticket in unfair circumstances is £42. The majority of this money is pocketed by local authorities, who issue nearly three quarters (74%) of tickets in unfair circumstances. London councils make the most money per parking penalty issued, with Camden, the neighbourhood of celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss generating an average of £78 per ticket. Outside of the capital, Poole Council pockets nearly £30 per ticket, while Tendring Council in Essex makes just £16 per ticket and South Gloucestershire takes the least money at just £10 per ticket issued.

John O’Roarke, managing director of LV= car insurance, said: “It’s shocking to see motorists paying out millions every year in unfair parking tickets, particularly at a time when soaring fuel costs are already putting a huge strain on drivers. It is vital that the appeals process is communicated clearly in all tickets, penalty notices and subsequent documentation to ensure drivers are aware of their right to contest a fine they feel is unjustified. Although the appeals process may sometimes seem time consuming, motorists should be encouraged by the fact that the vast majority of appeals are successful, and we’d urge them to take action against any unwarranted fines.”