Eating food at the wheel can result in a more expensive insurance deal

With the amount of cars on the roads today motorists have to be extra vigilant to avoid being involved in accidents. Careless drivers seem to be everywhere and they infuriate everyone, but have you ever thought you might be one of those careless drivers too? Reckless or inconsiderate driving is what leads to the majority of road accidents and if you are involved, it will have a big effect on the cost of your car insurance rates. Click here for more information.

There are many distractions when driving that can lead to us losing our focus but some of these are not as obvious as using a mobile phone at the wheel. Having a quick bite to eat or drink if you are in a rush also brings its own dangers. Imagine driving along eating a greasy burger. Your hands get slippery and this is transferred on to the steering wheel or gear stick, making you have less control or grip when in charge of a car.  The hazards are obvious. What if you spilt a boiling cup of tea or coffee or a hot chocolate and burn yourself. Not only will it hurt, the loss of concentration can lead to an even more serious accident.

The use of mobile phones, whether making a call or texting someone does seem to be on the increase despite laws being introduced to try to stamp it out. Taking your focus off the road when you are talking or your eyes off the road when you are texting can have serious consequences. If this does result in an accident then it will be incredibly hard for you to get cheap motor insurance ever again.