eBay fraudster receives fine and community service

A man that has been convicted of three counts of fraud on the popular auction website eBay has been ordered by the courts to pay £1,250 compensation to his victims. Nicholas Skinner advertised two Toyotas and a caravan on his eBay account, but after purchasers bought the vehicles and deposited money into Skinner’s bank account they did not hear from him again.

Skinner, aged 25 from Sutton Bridge, pleaded not guilty to fraudulently obtaining £250 from Sam Kuete, £500 from Kerisina Wasarirevu, and £500 from Cheryl Griffiths. However, Spalding magistrates found that he was guilty when the cases were heard back in December of 2012.

The hearing resumed this past Thursday during which Skinner was ordered to pay full compensation to all of his victims. In addition, he was ordered to perform community service for a year while under supervision. He also will have to attend 19 group work sessions that will teach participants thinking skills. The original offences were committed during the months or March and April in 2011.

Prosecuting, Jim Clarke, stated that Cheryl Griffiths called a mobile number before making the deposit and spoke to a man that said his name was Nicholas Skinner. After she placed the £500 in his bank account she did not hear from him again and the phone number was unreachable.

The same thing happened to the other two victims with all further contact cut off once the money was deposited into a bank account. Mitigating, Solicitor Mike Alexander, stated that Skinner claimed he did not know someone was using his eBay account in a dishonest fashion and that his client was not guilty of any wrongdoing in this case. He added that it was not the most sophisticated theft since everything came back to a correct eBay account holder.