Ebay fraudster sold stolen goods on Ebay

A supervisor from an internet firm sold items on his eBay site after stealing maternity wear and designer clothes from his employer. Mindaugas Stankevivies from Barking in Essex plead guilty to fraud, making a false instrument, theft and to possessing stolen property.

He had worked in Bedfordshire at the Isabella Oliver warehouse for close to three years and last year he was promoted to supervisor. By changing cover records so no one would know, he used company mailing and packaging to send out clothing to his clients. The company noticed on eBay that their stock was being advertised and an internal investigation revealed shortages in stock.

He used the name typhoon 232 to sell products and when a dummy purchase was made the details that came back from the seller were Stankevicies. What drew attention were the alloy wheels he purchased on eBay and then turned up at work with them on the car. There were 166 items he sold for a total of £9,000 even though he disputed that amount.

His solicitor Stephen Garratt said it was not a sophisticated scheme and that was not cause for suspicion to fall on any besides him and he is now employ again and want to reimburse his former employer.