EBay seller of fake art jailed

A conman produced and sold work he accredited to artist Tracey Emin on eBay.  The one time art student, Jonathan Rayfern, reportedly produced around 11 art pieces that he accredited to Emin and sold to a gallery owner and at least one other person.

The conman had studied beside Emin for two weeks while a student attending Westminster University.  He is said to possess his own assortment of Emin’s work, for which he paid £16,000 while attending school.

He claimed to have sold the art forgeries in order to pay off a loan shark.  He had borrowed money from the unscrupulous lender in order to fund one of his own art projects.  He no doubt picked Emin’s work to copy because of having studied under her for a very brief period.

Ironically, he claims to be a fan of the artist.

Emin was reported to have been very upset over finding that there were fakes of her work on the market.  A gallery owner familiar with Emin reportedly discovered the fake art.  She came across the forgeries and called the Metropolitan Police.

The work was sold to Alan Elkin, a gallery owner himself, from Warwick.  It included sketches and drawings on fabric.

Emin described the forgeries as crude and was distraught to know that people were conned into thinking that they were buying originals of hers.

Emin is reportedly processing the incident in Australia.  She is concerned with damage to her reputation and the integrity of her collection, along with feeling hurt and disappointed.