eBay sellers as well as buyers scammed

The popular online auction website eBay has millions of users who buy and sell products on a regular basis. However, many people have been scammed on the website. And while it is publicized much less, sellers can get scammed as well. Here are just some of these scams that sellers commonly fall for.

One scam is called the rubber cheque, and while it isn’t exclusive to the website, it is a common scam. Essentially, the buyer will send a cheque despite their missing funds, and you will discover after you send their purchase that the cheque has bounced. To avoid this, sellers should not send anything to buyers unless they are certain that the payment has cleared. Alternately, they could not accept cheques and ask for only electronic payment.

Another scam done by buyers is one in which the real owner of the credit card that was used to purchase the goods has control of the credit card. The credit card owner can call the bank that their card is under and tell them that they did not purchase the goods and that the card is being used in a fraudulent way. Sometimes, the transaction will be reversed without the bank looking into the situation.

Finally, sellers should look out for the scam in which a PayPal account is stolen. A buyer can steal a PayPal account and ask you to ship to a different address than the account is listed under: the address at which they will themselves receive the goods. Shipping to a different address is generally a very bad idea for sellers.