Eco-friendly Ecover concentrated laundry liquid launched

Ecover have extended their laundry range to include two highly effective and truly ecological concentrated laundry liquids: Ecover Concentrated Bio and Ecover Concentrated Non Bio.

Offering exceptional washing results, even at low temperatures; more washes per bottle; 54% less packaging per wash and 68% less transport miles, Ecover’s powerful new concentrates mean you can tackle your dirty laundry with an even cleaner conscience this Spring.

Performing in the same league as other well-known brands, the powerful new formulas are guaranteed to leave your clothes sparkling clean, making them a must for your laundry room.

The formulas for these long-awaited products were put under the microscope by the Ecover scientists and after months of development Ecover has produced what they believe to be the most efficient and ecological concentrate on the market.

Everyone knows the environmental benefits conventional concentrated laundry products provide e.g. reduced packaging, reduced CO2 emissions in transport and less water used during the production process. But, the biggest impact cleaning products have on the environment is what happens after they are used. So Ecover have worked hard to create concentrated Laundry Liquids which have much less impact after you’ve used them. Additional environmental benefits of Ecover’s new concentrates include:

• No optical brighteners
• Minimum aquatic toxicity
• Fast and complete biodegradability
• No phosphates

What’s more, as Ecover use sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind residues of nasty (and unnecessary) chemicals on your clothes – or your skin – when you do your laundry either.

Ecover Concentrated Bio Laundry Liquid – RRP £5.69 (500ml) – This is the first time Ecover has produced a bio laundry liquid and it’s their best laundry liquid formula to date. The popular fragrance ‘Under the Sun’ was a natural choice to help evoke the sense of summer whatever the season.

Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid – RRP £5.69 (500ml) – With the fresh scent of lavender, Ecover’s Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid offers exceptional washing power and performs comparably to Persil Small and Mighty across a wide range of stains.

Ecover’s new concentrated laundry liquids are currently available in Waitrose and online from Ocado. For a full list of stockists visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page on