Electricity changes in the offing won't necessarily benefit the public

The government has put together plans which are going to dramatically change the electricity market in the country but they’ve just been warned that this overall is not necessarily going to ensure that the UK has an affordable, safe, and clean power supply.

The government has been planning to reform the market in order to make sure that energy companies have a steady rate of return so that they will invest in electricity that is based on low carbon technology. Billions of pounds are going to have to be spent on infrastructure if the country wants to maintain a steady power supply in the future.

The government have also started the green deal which gives people the money to install energy efficient measures on their home and then they are then able to pay back the loan from the savings they are making on their electricity bills. The government have also put an obligation on energy companies to provide households with a low income with energy-saving measures.

Consumer Focus, SSE, the University of Exeter and WWF have stated however that the measures that the government are putting in place are not adequate enough. The organisations have said that the government need to take even greater steps if they want to meet the greenhouse emission targets that they have been set.

The organisation is also highlighted that it is very important that these energy technologies are continuously pursued. They have stated that the energy sector are not going to be reassured enough by the market reforms and this is not going to encourage them to make the necessary investment.

A representative from the WWF, Nick Molho stated, “We might have a different perspective from the government, but we are on the same page. We want to provide an affordable, secure and clean energy supply for the UK.”