Energy-saving scams are rife

Energy-saving scams are becoming more prevalent in the UK and people are being urged to be extra vigilant against them. Pembrokeshire county council has issued a warning after many residents have complained about phone calls attempting to sell them a machine that will save them electricity. The callers claim the device will cut energy costs by 40% and it only costs £100.

Nigel Watts is a trading standards manager and he is said there is no evidence that these machines will work in the UK. He commented, “There is a high chance that these devices will not be delivered or if they are that they will not perform as promised. As most of the sellers seem to be from overseas it is highly unlikely that people will be able to get their money back.

“We are urging consumers to be very careful about giving out their card details over the phone. Even if the person knows your name do not give out further personal information or banking information until you have confirmed their identity. Some callers may claim legitimacy by giving you a UK number, much of the time though this number is fake.” Contact Consumer Direct Wales if you receive any suspicious phone calls.