Energy Saving Trust is highly trusted by public

Decc smart meter survey reveals that energy suppliers are trusted by consumers more than originally thought. In fact, according to findings from Which? and the Energy Saving Trust customers actually trust the results of their smart meters more than they trust the Government. This is just one of the new findings from research that is taking a close look at the public attitude that has been commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate change.

Ipsos Mori was in charge of conducting the survey that revealed that half of almost all the people conducted are familiar with smart meters. While they may have heard of them, not many knew what they were for as 75% stated that they did not know anything about the smart meters.

The survey agent stated that only about 12% of bill payers know a reasonable amount about how their smart meters work. The firm concluded that if more of the public knew about smart meters then they would be able to increase the amount of support from the public regarding the installation of a smart meter in the home. Right now about 50% of those surveyed were not sure if smart meters should be placed in a home or not.

Five percent of those who participated in the survey stated that they had a smart meter in the home at the moment. Ipsos Mori estimates this was an overestimate due to the fact that many people did not know what a smart meter was and therefore it would be impossible for them to know whether they had the meter in their home or a different type of home display.