Equifax warn consumers using cards on holiday and at festivals

Equifax is encouraging festival goers and holidaymakers to be extra careful this summer when they use their credit or debit cards because fraudsters are ready and looking to take advantage of people while they are not on guard.

External Affairs Director for Equifax, Neil Munroe, stated that most of the time holidaymakers make excellent pray because they are less vigilant and more relaxed when it comes to watching over their personal belongings. In order to help with this situation, Equifax is offering some great tips to make sure that they do not come back from their holiday and find that they have been the victim of identity fraud.

Consumers really do need to pay attention to credit and identity fraud because are both unfortunately a real threat especially when people are engulfed in large crowds or traveling abroad where it is easier to catch them off guard. New figures released from CIFAS, the UK Fraud Prevention Service, revealed that identity fraud increased by 20% over the first half of the year compared to first six months of 2011.

In order to help protect customers, Equifax believes that consumers need to take the right steps to protect themselves. In addition, the credit agency advises that consumers take quick action if they discover that they are victims. The following are just a few of the tips that the credit agency has to offer their consumers.

First off, Equifax suggests that travelers only take credit or debit cards that they know they will use otherwise keep them at home to minimize risks. Never carry your PIN with you and when in a crowd make sure to keep your purse strapped across your body tightly. If you are a man then place your hand over your wallet pocket while in crowds to make it harder for a pick pocket to get to it. Investing in a concealed money belt is a great idea.

When using a debit machine or cashpoint machine make sure to always double check the amount that was placed in the machine before putting in your PIN to make sure the number is put in correctly. Also, always shield your PIN number while putting it into machines by placing your hand over the screen.