Extra special Christmas cards designed by you

Christmas is a time for tradition. A time when millions of people decide for no better reason other than convention to wear paper hats, eat mince pies, stuff themselves silly with chocolate, hang oversized socks above the fireplace, entertain strange crowds of singers at their doorstep, attempt to kiss whoever is fortunate/unfortunate enough to step beneath the mistletoe and actually take notice of what the Queen has to say about the year. While some conventions are set in stone, a break from tradition can be achieved by personally designing the Christmas cards sent to friends, family and acquaintances.

The majority of Christmas card designs are somewhat predictable. Snowmen, Santa Claus, stars, reindeer and the baby Jesus often appear on Christmas cards. Of course, there is nothing wrong with classic depictions of Christmas. This is a season which, after all, is primarily about tradition and convention, but why not make the festive period that bit more special by sending personalised cards?

Christmas cards that have been designed by the people sending them are unquestionably special. People tend to view Christmas cards as a necessary tradition: tokens of respect, affection or acquaintance that are only really noticed in their absence. People receive and send Christmas cards as a croupier deals cards at a Poker table. If not for the scribbled messages inside, Christmas and greeting cards would be worthless to a lot of people. The situation is only likely to worsen as the world advances into the technological age; indeed, why go to the trouble of sending a real card when an e-mail would suffice?

As with most things concerning Christmas, the answer is about convention. It remains a symbol of good manners and respect to send Christmas cards, so people continue to exchange cards. Some people might argue, however, that sending off-the-shelf cards is no more respectful of the recipient than typing a short e-mail or text message. Personalised Christmas cards avoid this problem entirely.

The personalised Christmas card shows that the sender has gone to some lengths to actually convey a message of good will. A message that comes not from the mind of a professional card designer, but from that of the person sending the message.

Personalised Christmas cards are, therefore, extra special. They are considerably more thoughtful and usually vastly more creative. In fact, senders can have barrels of fun tweaking designs to their liking, adding personal jokes and complimenting the ones they love. The designs can also mean something extra to recipients, often conveying a hidden meaning or secret message – an in-joke of sorts that represents how two or more people feel about each other. As nice as snowmen are, traditional cards simply do not carry the same weight as personalised Christmas cards.