Facebook and Google fight for advertising cash and this may be bad for your privacy

Facebook and Google are going to be battling it out for the next year as they fight for cash and advertisers as well as the talent and the attention of users. One of the most important issues in this battle is going to be about privacy.

Dan Cobley, the recently appointed chief of Google recently gave an entertaining presentation about the future and how everything will be made digital. He put a great deal of emphasis on why privacy is so important in the digital age.

Google+ is regarded as a way of sharing information through Google itself rather than a social network. They have also recently started a programme informing people of why they see the adverts they do when browsing the web. This even allows some control over what adverts people are seeing so that they can be better targeted towards them.

Facebook on the other hand are facing a great deal of criticism about how much they track a user’s activity after they have left the Facebook website. Germany is a country where privacy online is taken very seriously and it seems that Google are targeting themselves towards people who are concerned with security.

A couple of years ago the chief executive of Google commented that the company is more likely to face privacy investigations in Europe than it is elsewhere in the world. This is perhaps an indicator that Facebook, which seems much less concerned with users privacy, might be facing legal intervention and potentially consequences.

Another problem that Facebook is facing that Google is not is the lack of big brands advertising on their website. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has said that larger brands tend to advertise on other mediums instead of Facebook.

Another security issue is to do with banking and a few years ago chip and pin machines were brought in because banks wanted to do more to tackle credit card fraud. Another technology that is becoming more prevalent is the use of QR codes, major companies are starting to put them on most of their products which have links to promotional websites.

Flow is a recently launched application for the iPhone that has been created by Amazon. It identifies products using image recognition and once it  has done this it opens Amazon’s website so that you can order the product from your mobile phone. Unfortunately the service is not available in the UK just yet but Amazon are planning to launch it in the UK soon.

This is no surprise considering that half the UK population now own a smart phone and 70% of all mobile phone sales are for these devices. This suggests that within the near future the vast majority of people will have smart phones and this is providing great opportunities for retailers.

Retailers are expecting that sales from mobile devices are going to be higher during the Christmas period this year than before. Price comparison on mobile phones means that people can save money while shopping on the high street.