Fake Leeds Festival fraudster found guilty

Music lovers were duped by a conman that sold them tickets to the 2008 Leeds Festival. After 17 complaints were investigated, Christopher Bundza was found guilty of fraud and money laundering and it is believed that he defrauded a total of over £50,000 from over 100 people.

Through his own website and via various eBay accounts, the court heard he sold tickets to the 2008 Leeds Festival. An analysis of his accounts showed he sold 117 pairs of Leeds Festival full weekend tickets for more than £46,000. He also sold tickets to the 2008 T in the Park festival in Perth valued at over £7,000 and more than £3,000 in tickets to the 2008 V Festival in Chelmsford.

This is believed to be only the second UK conviction related to speculative selling where tickets are offered for sale that the vendor does not really possess. Sentencing for Bundza is scheduled for April 7.

A student paid over £745 for four tickets, Natalie McRae 18, purchased them for her and three friends to go to the 2008 Leeds Festival. Even though he constantly promised to deliver the tickets up until the beginning of the festival he did not and then did not pay a refund. She says that even two years later she is furious with him since part of the money she used was for university fees.

Festival Republic which runs the Leeds Festival said they are very proactive trying to protect potential customers from buying tickets from sources that are unauthorized and they offer full support to police and all those that investigate the problem. They are also pleased that the case for the 2008 Leeds Festival has been resolved successfully. The leader of the investigation said young people are usually the targets of these scammers.