Fake mobile good on eBay causing a real problem in the UK

Fake mobile goods for sale on eBay and other sources are a huge problem in the UK. OtterBox the case manufacturer has responded to the problem by creating a new fraud unit that will try to reign in the £2.3b market. OtterBox has created a UK based department in order to help reduce the amount of counterfeit goods that are being sold across the nation.

Home Office figures estimate that the UK counterfeit goods market is worth as much as £1.3b annually. According to OtterBox, these fake mobile products are in violation of intellectual property laws and are continually popping up in higher numbers in the EU market. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that mobile fraud is becoming easier as online shopping becomes more popular.

OtterBox will based the new department named the ‘brand protection department’ in Cork, Ireland and will monitor the different online sales that take place by monitoring eBay and Amazon sales in an effort to break the chain of counterfeiters and reduce some of the chief agents.

In addition, OtterBox is also going to take legal action against several unnamed companies that it will accuse of ripping off some of its products. For legal reasons the company said that it cannot yet name who they will be bringing a lawsuit against.

Associate general counsel for OtterBox, Rachael Lamkin, stated that counterfeiting has become a very large problem that OtterBox has had to contend with and they are series about keeping the OtterBox portfolio brand and products safe.

Brand protection specialist from the company, Claire Lyonshell, also added that they want to make sure that consumers only get the high quality products that they want instead of getting ineffective fakes and inferior products that are not appropriate.