Fake teen ID is fraud not a bit of a laugh

A new warning from the Police has been aimed at underage drinkers. They are committing the crime of fraud if they use somebody else’s ID to try and get into clubs or served in a pub. In a new crackdown, the Police have also said that if they catch somebody using a Passport or Driving Licence that isn’t theirs as ID they will confiscate them and send them back to the authority that issued them.

A Sergeant from Carlisle, Richard Higgin, has said that he and fellow officers have come across authentic looking fake ID that can be ordered on the Internet from overseas countries. The Cumbrian Force has also reported a rise in the number of young teenagers who are using documents belonging to members of their family to try and get served.

Sergeant Higgin said that this was a worrying trend that the Force was doing their best to nip in the bud. This included talking to doormen and explaining what to look for and the powers that they had to confiscate fake ID. One of the most frequent cons is that of an underage boy or girl using their older brothers or sisters ID to purchase alcohol.