Fake tickets flood festival season

As the music festival season get into high gear so will online ticket fraud risk. A new report from GetSafeOnline.org reveals that 10% of people have at some time been a victim of bogus and fake tickets. The report also has found out that over 50% of the online websites offering tickets for Glastonbury and V Festival are not legitimate.

Insurance figures and police claim that the bogus and fake ticket markets cost the UK £168m. The report was to alert people about the ways in which the bogus sites operate as well as showing how easy it is for someone to be fooled by the sites that claim to sell tickets for the bands and festivals.

There is increased hassle for the UK consumer since the festival market has become so big. There are festivals that spring up everywhere from Glasgow to Cornwall so more and more people are getting online and risking their money. Experts in security on the internet expect a big surge in fraud during the summer festival season.

The problem has grown in dimension since now the bogus sites are now paying to appear in search advertising and they appear at the top of some of the search results. Ticket fraud online is a year round problem but it increases during the music and festival scene every year in the summer. GetSafeOnline.org publishes the best ways to avoid the scams and what to do before going ahead and buying tickets online.

Before it was much easier to police as people bought tickets the day of the concert but today the tickets are available months in advance and people do not usually wait until the last minute to purchase tickets anymore. Now in the run up to the event they have access to a huge number of people.