Fake virus protection used to scam internet users

Hackers are now selling fake firewalls and virus protection in an effort to get to your most critical personal information.  It has recently been revealed that there are dozens of call centre operations set up throughout the UK that are cold calling prospects in order to sell them downloadable software that does nothing but steal all of their vital personal and financial information.

The scammers steal the information to drain bank accounts, credit cards, and swipe personal identification.  Unsuspecting consumers figure that they are making a smart move to protect themselves when, in actuality, they are handing the keys to the hen house over to the foxes.

Experts warn that consumers should not do business with any security provider offering them services through a cold call or using Internet pop-ups.  Trustworthy IT providers don’t solicit business in this manner, they say.

This is an exceedingly blatant manner in which to commit identity theft.  It feeds on the very thing people are trying to protect themselves against when they purchase software from these frauds.

Internet fraud of all types and varieties is a growing problem in the UK and most computer users are aware of this.  These particular scammers use this very awareness to dupe unsuspecting consumers who only want to protect themselves against the very thieves who are ripping them off with these fake security schemes.

The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of this security fraud is to only use the most reputable companies out there.  The vast majority of computer users are familiar with the big security and firewall producers.  These are people who have been selling their anti-virus, firewall, spyware, and security systems for years.