Fife police issue booklet to protect yourself against fraud

Police in Fife have created a booklet that gives advice to local people about how to avoid fraud and stay out of situations so that fraud never happens to you. The Fife police sought out guidance from CIFAS, the UK fraud prevention organisation, in order to create a booklet that will help educate citizens of Dunfermline and Fife on how to avoid fraud.

Superintendent for Fife police, Colin Beattie, stated that the booklet explains how most frauds work so that people recognise situations of fraud when they see them. For example, it explains common door-to-door scams so that if someone comes to a citizen’s door that person will recognize the offer as a fraud.

Beattie added that the booklet also contains information about romance scams, dating scams, payment card scams, banking scams, and plenty of other types of scams. He added that it also lists some valuable resources that can help people who suddenly find themselves victims of a scam.

The booklet can be found on the Fife police website and can be read directly online, downloaded, or printed out. Booklets like this are often distributed via local printers as well and the residents of Fife and Dunfermline are being advised to take a look at the booklet so that they can protect their financial selves and identities. The underlying theme of the booklet is that most scams can be easily figured out and realised if people are educated and know what to be on the lookout for.