Finding a house or flat to rent in London

London is the capital of a very expensive country but still attracts hundreds of thousands of people who come to live and work every year. Looking for flats to rent can be a draining and time consuming process, but just keeping a few things in mind can make the search for your ideal flat or house for rent easier and more bearable.

Viewings definitely the most time consuming part of the search, particularly when looking for properties to rent in outer London. It’s a big city and travel times can be long during rush hour. So, prepare as much as possible before actually going out to see those available houses and flats to let. With so many properties to rent, it makes sense to limit your search to a few areas of the city. There are several points you should keep in mind when deciding on a location. You might already know where you would like to live – perhaps you grew up in the area or you have friends and family nearby. If you’re new to London and are looking for a property to rent for the first time here, then it is worth taking a few more things into consideration.

The very first thing to focus on should be the size of the flat or house for rent you are looking for. Decide on the number of bedrooms you need as a minimum and whether you are looking for other factors such as a garden or a separate dining room. Start doing some research on the price you can expect to pay and be realistic about what you can afford. If prices are too high in your first choice of location then cast your net a bit wider. With your basic requirements, area and price established you can then further narrow your search for properties to rent in London by deciding on the type, style and furnishing you are looking for before contacting letting agents and private landlords to arrange viewings.

Of course you may never be lucky enough to find a property to rent in London which exactly matches all your wishes, but having a clear picture in your mind and deciding on the area and price before arranging viewings will help you to prevent wasted time, effort and money.