Finding cheap second hand cars for sale

Finding cheap second hand cars for sale isn’t as easy as it used to be, but there are still some great deals to be had out there if you look in the right places. Cars are becoming more and more expensive to keep on the road. Rising costs on everything car related has caused a real slump in new cars sales, invariably causing unscrupulous car dealers to advertise second hand cars for a lot more than they are actually worth.

Yes, fair enough they have a business to run, but trying to take advantage of people who are already struggling and need a car as a necessity is just not on. When it comes to searching for a car, the old way was to check the classifieds, however, buying from a private vendor can prove to be a very risky business, and  that bargain isn’t so much so once you have driven it home and it refuses to start again.

There are local garages and second hand car dealerships of course, but the warranty can be as little as three months from here, and unless you are  a mechanic you never know if they have patched something up to last for the duration of the warranty, and then it will conk out. If and when this happens, and you ring them up to tell them they will, of course, tell you if you bring it to them they can ‘do it a bit cheaper’.

Your best bet is always to go to one of the reputable car dealerships that are across the country, and can easily be found on the internet. They are also the best to find specific models of car, so if you are looking to replace your car searching for a used Audi A3 for sale, for example, you have your best chance of finding one of these in your area by going through one of these sites.

They will give you the full service history of the car you are interested in, have some excellent deals on finance, and all cars are taxed and MOT’d. From buying your car through one of these dealerships you are taking the risk out of buying a second hand car, and saving yourself a tidy sum into the process. You also benefit from the likes of a years warranty, free roadside assistance and flexible payment terms; you can’t get much better than that.

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