Flueless Gas Fires – Save £'s off your heating bill and help save the planet

“A flueless gas fire will convert 100% of the gas to heat and slash gas bills unlike open coal-effect fires which convert as little as 10%” according to an article written by leading eco-consultant Donnachadh McCarthy for the Sunday Times.

Flueless gas fires are awarded five stars for “Eco value for money” by Mr McCarthy. If the 11.5 million flued gas fires in the UK were replaced by flueless fires, we would save 26,933,000,000 kW of gas every year which would in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 5,117,000 tonnes every year. This equates to taking 1.5 million passenger cars of the road for a year!!!

Many modern gas fires only have the ability to deliver between 50-60% efficiency or putting it more plainly, if a gas fire costs you (6.2kW x 3.83p/hour) 24p per hour to run, then best case 14p comes into your room and 10p goes up the chimney!

Focal Point Fires, the UK’s largest manufacturer of gas and electric fires, recognised this some time ago and have developed a stunning range of contemporary wall mounted and traditional inset 100% efficient flueless gas fires incorporating catalytic technology. This means that you don’t have to worry about expensive installation and annual servicing or how much heat you are wasting up the chimney as 100% efficient flueless gas fires do not require a chimney or flue to operate. Simply amazing!
Can I have a flueless gas fire?
Flueless gas fires are the perfect flat wall, no chimney solution to instant warmth that simply hang on the wall. Our innovative technology provides a flexible design for your house or apartment, allowing you to install a fire not only in the living room, but also dining room, office, study, and kitchen. If you have a gas supply and can run a standard 8mm gas pipe to the fire installation point, while ensuring you have the minimum room size and adequate ventilation you can benefit from this technology.
So how does a flueless gas fire work?
Flueless fires incorporate the latest in gas fire technology and do not need a chimney or flue to operate. Instead, the combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter system, positioned at the top of the appliance, which converts carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour, levels of which are so low they are typically present in fresh air. In fact, the catalytic converter works so effectively that it can actually help to clean the air by neutralising airborne particles and odours, therefore helping to reduce household allergies.

As all of the heat produced from the fire goes into warming the room, rather than lost up the chimney i.e. 100% efficient , the amount of heat input required is a lot less than a standard conventional fire. This means that a flueless gas fire costs a lot less money to run, saving cash in your pocket, which is good news when everything else is becoming more expensive!
Where can I buy a flueless gas fire?
You can make massive savings by buying direct from the manufacturer, Superior Fires at http://www.superiorfires.co.uk where you will find a large range of contemporary and traditional wall mounted gas fires and inset gas fires. Alternatively, call our expert team on freephone 0800 2300 212, quoting SF3, to start saving today.