Fraud accusation against Britain’s Got Talent

A member of Bond, a string quartet has accused Britain’s Got Talent as being an outright fraud. The member, Eos Chater claimed that Alexandra Parker, auditionee played over one of the groups albums.

In different tweets the member said it was understandable if one pleaded ignorance to the copyright laws but not #bgt or #itv! WTF? This was how it was tweeted out. The performer, during her performance, wore skin tight leather and ended up advancing to the following round of competition by impressing judges Amanda Holden, David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre.

Chater further added that it was if Parker just hit the play button on their CD and played over it. What you hear is our CD and I love watching #bgt but fraud is fraud. There is no ill will intended for the performer but the quartet wants the show to explain itself. Britain’ Got Talent responded to the claims with a spokesperson who said  for them it was an authentic audition done before an audience.