Fraudsters targeting home phones and cashpoint machines

According to new figures from the UK Cards Association fraudsters are now targeting home phones and cashpoint machines in order to steal money straight out of bank accounts of their victims.  During the first six months of this year the association reported that there were £25.7 million fraudulent acts carried out on stolen or lost cards which is a 20% increase when compared to the first part of the year in 2010.   With this in mind, many organizations are warning what to watch out for and how to prevent one’s self from becoming the next victim of fraud.

Some of the things to watch out for include someone leaning over your shoulder attempting to read your PIN number at the cash machine, at which point they distract you long enough to steal the card. Then later they return to the machine to utilize your PIN to get money directly.  Another common technique is simply to read your PIN over your shoulder and then pickpocket your wallet after you have received your cash so that they get your cash and the card to return to the cash point machine with.  Elderly people in particular are prime targets but people of all ages have been attacked.

City of London Police DCI Paul Baynard adding his own set of warnings stating that sometimes the fraudsters will claim that there is something on your jacket or claim that you have dropped something so that you turn around to look or bend down which makes it easier for them to pickpocket you or steal your card straight from an ATM.

Quality Assurance Manager at Action Fraud Steve Proffit added that consumers can protect themselves by being vigilant every time they use a cash machine taking care to shield the keypad from any eyes that may be watching.