fraudsters will still find a way

CIFAS conducted a survey to find out what people in the UK thought about fraud prevention organisations. When asked what could be done to prevent fraud more easily and effectively, more than 44.5% answered that companies should verify customers details properly. Customers believe that companies could do a lot more than what they are doing now in order to verify the legitimacy of their customers and this can also help prevent fraud.

There were total of three options given in the poll; 31.5% said there should be great legal punishments for fraudsters so that they can learn a good lesson from their mistakes whilst others believe that the introduction of an improved online security measure can also stop fraud in the country.

Richard Hurley, The communication manager, remarked that only one quarter of customers identify fraud as a major issue and much is already made in online security and proper measures against anti-fraud procedures are also in place for the sake of innocent organisation, online users, and online transaction makers.

Although all Internet safely protocols are in place these fraudsters will still find a way to invade and infiltrate these security tools as they are smart enough at it. This poll has concluded that it’s solely the responsibility of organisations to verify the authenticities of their customers’ identity in a more prudent manner so as to protect them from frauds, said Richard Hurley.

Hurley belied there are many fraud cases that have never reached the courts as the legal punishments for these fraudsters are too lenient to teach them a good lesson. He said that now fraudsters have finally realised that the judicial system is much stronger and powerful than before, it will pursue their cases through the courts, and the present sentences on convictions are severe and brutal, this should help reduce the fraud cases in the country.