Fraudulent insurance claims on the rise

Fraudulent insurance claims continue to increase across the UK.  There have reportedly been 30,000 fraudulent insurance claims throughout the UK each year and it is expected that the number shall increase.

Police are doing all that is possible to catch the gangs who stage fake accidents in order to profit from insurance payments.  The worry is that as these fake claims continue to grow and spread they will have a negative impact on the victims of real accidents.  There is real worry that the volume of fraudulent claims that are filed are beginning to fuel feelings of distrust between insurance carriers and their clients.

Experts say that it has become necessary for the insurance industry to affirm that real customers with legitimate claims will be treated professionally and with respect rather than facing an attitude of suspicion.  It needs to be reaffirmed that these frauds represent a minority of the claims filed everyday.  Experts say that solicitors with experience can pretty easily detect a fraudulent claim in comparison to an actual claim.

Another worry is that the sheer volume of fraudulent claims might jam up the courts and ultimately cause those with legitimate claims to have to wait much longer for their rightful compensation.  Experts say that with serious injury claims nothing can beat the services of an experienced solicitor.  Such experienced professionals can often arrange for interim payments to start as soon as blame for the accident is reasonably assessed.

For accident victims who have sustained life-changing injuries such interim payments can be very important, as they can pay for specialized medical treatment and conforming ones living arrangements to physical impairments before a final settlement is agreed.