Fraudulent parcel delivery service warning

A warning has been posted from the Consumer Standards Office and Royal Mail about a fraudulent parcel delivery service, and U.K. residents are advised to watch out for and report any contact by the service, which is believed to originate in Belize.

The scam operates by posting a card to a residence or business telling the recipient that a parcel mailed to that address was undeliverable and to call a specific premium rate number to arrange delivery.  The company identifies itself as PDS (Parcel Delivery Service).

Homes all across the U.K. have been targeted, and those who call the number given by PDS are immediately adding at least £15 up to more than £300 to their phone bill.  Many people are expecting packages in the mail during the Christmas season, and the scam is taking advantage of that fact.  Everyone is asked to beware, and to call the Mail Fraud Department immediately if they receive such a notice.  If you discover you are already a victim of the scam, call Action Fraud or go to